The story behind my Broken Heart design March 24, 2015 13:47

A good friend of mine married her high school sweet heart for more than 20 years. He was her only love and her entire world. She trusted him whole heartedly but was only at the end forced to face the devastating disappointment - he cheated on her with her friend. Her world shattered and her heart was broken. She went through various emotional stages from initial shock and disbelief, to anger and rage wanting to revenge, to acceptance of the reality and moving on. The healing process was long and difficult but she made it. We could all see her broken heart but she tried her best to hide it. I began to wonder - if it is a part of her or anybody’s life, why not embrace it. My friend did her best to put her broken heart back together. Although the scar is still there and probably will always be, the heart is mended and she is a stronger person today. This is the reason why I designed this broken heart crossbody bag to celebrate the healing process and the strengths that come after a broken heart.